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Six islands and two ferries

Ærø. Funen, Tåsinge, Siø, Langeland and Lalandia.



Ærø is an island in The Baltic Sea south of Funen. We spent two days on the island.

The mill of Bregninge

The autoshop in Vindeballe.

The grossery store in Tranderup

Tall ships in Marstal

The town sqaure in Ærøskøbing

A bike path through cornfields.

The gas station in Marstal

The small beachhouses.

A beachhouse

The main hotel in Ærøskøbing

Goodbye Ærø

Goodbye Ærø

Road bike ride from Padborg to Copenhagen. 

The 4th of July we started our summer holiday in Padborg nearby the Danish/german border. We are going bike riding to Copenhagen.

The beginning of our journay. On 4th july.

The fjord of Flensburg 

The Ox islands

The mill of Dybbøl

Waiting for the ferry

The island Ærø in sight.

Midsommer night in Copenhagen

Blågård Plads

Archaeological excavation in Fregerslev

Skanderborg museum is now doing an archaeological excavation in the village Fregerslev nearby Hørning. It is a 1000 year old wiking grave from the time of Gorm the Old.

A day trip to Viborg

We went on a culturel trip to Viborg today.

The cardboard factory in Bruunshåb.

Hans Tausen. The Danish reformer.A sculpture by Bjørn Nørgaard.

Easter Day in Aarhus

This Easter Day we went to the port of Aarhus. Afterwards we went to the Botanical Garden.