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Gotland. Day one

This year we are biking on the swedish island. Gotland. 
The Ferry


A pike in a window


The signs for the bike route

The church of  Lummelunda

The ruins of the middelage church, Elinghem


Fanø, an island in the Wadden Sea




The Beach

Sønderho, the southern town 

Hønen »The Hen«. The south point of Fanø

The island has its own brewery

Fanø, an island in the Wadden Sea

The Museum of Thorvaldsen

The Tower

The tower of Christiansborg. We visited the tower of the Danish Parlement. At an old storeage room there is now a modern restaurant with a fantastic view over the city of Copenhagen

Monument to the Battle of the Nations

In the Southern part of Leipzig you will find the Völkerschlachtdenkmal. A memorial of the battle between the French army lead by Napoleon and the Swedish, Russian and the Preussian armies. More than 100000 soldiers joined the battle.

Leipzig Hauptbahnhoff

We are staying 4 days in the Saxonian City Leipzig. The railroad station is the 3rd largest in Europe.