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The road to Palmyra

Saturday  we visited The Glypotek in the center of Copenhagen.

They have an  exhibition on the acient city Palmyra

3 days in the oldest town in Denmark. Ribe



Ribe Cathedral



The backyards gartens

An intrance gate

The Cathedral school

Gråbrødregade 13

The backyards gartens

A narrow entrance to the backyard

Golden Days. SMK.  National Gallery of Denmark. Copenhagen

The goldens age in Danish art history.

World class art between disasters.

Sillerslev Harbour on the island Mors

Gorges d’Omblèze Vercors summer 2019 #5

Along the road D568 near the village Plane de Baix in the Southern part of Vercors

La Colombe terre & boys,  Vercors summer 2019 #4

We visited the potter and the cabinetmaker in St. Antoine l’Abbaye and bought this jar.

Saint Antoine l’Abbaye. Vercors summer 2019 #3

A visit to the historical abbay St. Antoine. The only village in the Isère departement labelled «Les Plus beaux villages de France». (The most beautiful villages in France)

Follow the signs and you’ll reach Santiago de Compostello