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BØLLINGSØ and The Tollundman

Bøllingsø is a 3,5 square kilometer lake just west  of the town of Silkeborg.

In this bog the accient farmer «The Tollundman» was found in 1950. He is probaly the most wellpreserved body from pre-historic times. The Tollundman lived during the first part of the ironage. 300-400 b.c.

The Tollundman



Holger Blom

A Danish fashion designer from Skanderborg. 


Gotland. Day six


The church at Lau. The largest mideval church at Gotland 

The inside of the church

The inside of the church

Gotland. Day five.

The Beach at Gothem. (Gods home)

The church of Gothem

A fresco inside the church.


Gotland. Day four


Lime plant at Slite

The lime plant at Slite

Fårö. Day three

The car ferry

The grave of  Ingrid Bergman and Ingmar Bergman, at Fårö cemetery.

A traditional farmhouse at Gåsmora

The Beach at Holmudden. The eastern point of Fårö

The Fårö lighthouse


Gotland.  Day two

The church of Halls

The Road side with flowers and butterflies.

The Baltic Sea

The lime plant at Stougns

A small fishing hutt.

The blue lagune 

The hostel ar Bunge airfield